Use the web client

Bender Web Client

The web client is here to make you life easier. Use it.

It’s the only client that you can use to compare all your Trials and all your Algos by visualizing them on graphs and ranking boards.

Let’s make a tour of the web client :


Login menu

First, on, log yourself in or create an account if you don’t already have one.

You will then be redirected to the Dashboard.


The dashboard is the heart of the web client and is divided in different parts:

The menu

Dashboard menu

Here you can perform some basic actions like looking at your profile informations and update them, loging out or contact us.

You can hide or show this menu by clicking on the little arrow on the side.

The dynamic breadcrumb

Dynamic breadcrumb

You can find here all the usefull informations about the Board you are curently on.

Starting with a welcome message, it also can display informations about the current Experiment or Algo.

You can also navigate between the Boards by cliking the desired element.

At the far right you will find either the ID of the Experiment or Algo that is displayed on the Board : just click it to copy an use it in the other clients.

The boards

Again, within the boards we can identify different elements :

The experiments board

Experiments board

On this Board you can see a simple list of the Experiments that you currently own with some basic infomations related.

Either click on one to switch to the Ranking Board of this Experiment or just delete it by cliking on the red button that appears on the right when you hover it.

To create a new Experiment just click the green plus sign at the bottom of the list.

The ranking board

Ranking board

Here you can see all your different Algos ranked by a selected performance metric.

By clicking a column title you can rearange the ranking depending on this new metric.

By clicking a cell you can display the specific set of hyperparameters used to get this result.

To create a new Algo just click the green plus sign at the bottom.

On Algo cell hover, two buttons appears : edit and delete.

And still within the Algo cell you have 2 buttons to enter the Trials Board and explore all your Trials either with a line chart or a scatter chart.

The trials board

Trials board Trials board

The final board : two modes depending on the botton you clicked on the Ranking Board, line or scatter views.

In both case you can click points on the graph to display the Trial associated results and used hyperparameters.